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OrthoMaryland is a prestigious, 17physician practice located in the Baltimore metropolitan region.

Why SRS?

All-Digital Enterprise

SRSsoft is terrific!

Of all the software applications we have ever implemented, SRS was one of the easiest and most well received by our physicians and staff. I have not heard any complaints.

OrthoMaryland provides care to its patients in a comprehensive manner, which means our physicians are constantly collaborating with other physicians and ancillary service providers. When we were using paper charts, it was very tedious for our providers to collaborate on patient care because only one person in one location could view the patient’s entire medical record at any given time. Now, as an all-digital enterprise, SRS allows multiple providers to call up any patient’s record simultaneously for discussion from anywhere, 24/7, 365 days a year. This has tremendously improved our level of patient care.

With the old paper charts, our support staff would scramble to collect critical patient information from various departments. This caused a delay in care and communications; sometimes we even had to reschedule patient visits. With our SRS digital office, all patient information is imported into his or her digital medical record in real time. The efficiency and peace of mind achieved—is priceless!

Reduced Administrative Costs to Below MGMA Benchmarks

Since we converted to an all-digital practice with SRS, we have grown patient volume by 15% and added providers, but have not added administrative staff, which resulted in a huge cost savings. We frequently compare our administrative expenses to MGMA benchmarks. In the paper world, our administrative expenses as a percent of revenue were almost 40% compared to the MGMA benchmark of 35%. An all-digital office has reduced our administrative costs to 30%.

Great Stress Reliever

Nobody ever imagined that SRS would provide both efficiency and emotional benefits. Having access to complete medical records whenever we need them, and knowing that the medical record is up-to-date and secure, has been a great stress reliever.

Overall, everyone has been highly satisfied. With many software solutions, that is not always the case. If I sent out an e-mail tomorrow telling everyone that I was going to take away SRS, they would throw me out my window into the quarry lake below. SRS is a great product!

Work-Life Balance

I have maximum control over my clinical environment without sacrificing the way I prefer to practice medicine. My quality of life has definitely improved; by using my time more effectively, I have been able to allot myself more freedom. The flexibility I have in managing patient care is more balanced and I can take time away from the office, knowing that the covering physicians have all the information they need to service my patients.

- Dr. Robert D. Keehn, M.D.

James Demopoulos

Chief Executive Officer
Baltimore, MD

17 providers
3 locations
  SRS client since: 2006
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