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OrthoArkansas is a 21 provider practice. For over 50 years, OrthoArkansas’s surgeons have been pioneers in bringing orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine to Arkansas.

Why SRS?

Fast Adoption

We were surprised at how fast physicians adopted SRS. Our paper charts slowed us down and created a chain reaction of bottlenecks and delays. With SRS, we no longer expend energy and waste time chasing down charts. All correspondence with patients is immediately captured within their digital charts and is readily available.

Significant Patient Service Improvements

With SRS installed for just 9 months, we have reduced our medical records staff by 4 and experienced significant patient-service improvements. Patient processing is smoother and insurance inquires are being completed faster and with greater accuracy.

Immediate Success

SRS has had a big impact on our operations. The entire staff would revolt if we went back to paper charts.

SRS has been a painless, immediate success.

I love SRS! It has really changed my job because there’s less clutter on my desk and more information at my fingertips. SRS makes me feel more confident that the information I have is up-to-date and accurate—I know I’m looking at the most recent lab, chart note, and Rx list. SRS makes me feel more efficient and less stressed.

Our patients used to have to wait for us to find their chart to answer even the most basic questions. Now when a patient calls, I can access their chart immediately and respond to their questions in a much more timely manner. The patients have really responded positively.

- Jenny Harp, LPN
Work-Life Balance

My colleagues and I have been very happy with SRS. The main thing is that the software truly facilitates workflow. SRS has allowed us to be extremely proficient in ordering tests, booking surgeries, and a multitude of other activities. Bottlenecks created by the disorganization associated with paper-based charts are a thing of the past.

SRS was surprisingly easy to implement—our go-live was seamless. Even my colleagues that were not comfortable with the idea of using a computer have no problems using SRS. I would never go back to paper charts! In the past, when a referring physician called, he/she would have to be put on hold while the patient’s chart was located. Now, without hitting the hold button, I type the patient’s name into SRS, the chart appears instantaneously, I click on the tab that contains the information I need, and I am ready to discuss our mutual patient.

I access SRS from home to finish up on dictations or monitor patients and I usually check messages a couple times a week while I’m on vacation. It’s tremendous being able to leave the office when I want and spend time with my family knowing that I can connect to the office at my leisure.

- Stephen Hudson, M.D.

Bill Greene

Chief Executive Officer
Little Rock, AR

21 providers
7 locations
  SRS client since: 2007

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