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Ortho One is a 4 provider orthopaedics practice with 2 offices in Mississippi and one in Tennessee.

Why SRS?

Thankful to Colleagues for Recommending SRS

I can’t speak highly enough about SRS. In making our selection, we followed the advice of a well-respected orthopaedic practice already using SRS, and we are glad we did. Recently, we have been approached by EMR vendors, but we would never give up our SRS!

SRS is so user-friendly that it doesn’t need a manual! It took me and my staff one day to learn how to use the basic functionalities, and it’s impossible to make a mistake that can’t be fixed.

Totally Digital

Three years ago, we had 15,000 charts occupying a growing amount of our office space. Since that time, we’ve become totally digital, with not one paper chart remaining. When we moved to a new office, we built it without a chart room.

It’s not just charts that are paperless now. Using our fax server, we save a lot of time and paper when we forward patient charts for legal and other purposes. We use the Rx module all the time—it not only generates the prescriptions, it also documents them in the charts, and it allows us to write prescriptions from home at the end of the day if we didn’t have time in the office. Our transcription process is also much more efficient. Instead of sending out the dictations, our staff types directly into SRS, so there’s no more wasted time filing papers.

Awesome Tech Support

The system is so stable that it requires minimal technical support. We have periodically contacted with usage questions, and they have been awesome, providing immediate answers and valuable suggestions.

Brad Robbins, OPA-C, ATC

Orthopaedic Physician Assistant
New Albany, Mississippi

4 providers
3 locations
  SRS client since: 2005

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