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North Alabama Bone & Joint Clinic


The North Alabama Bone & Joint Clinic is comprised of 8 orthopaedic surgeons serving two locations in North Alabama. For over 30 years, the clinic has been providing orthopaedic care to the Northern Alabama area.

Why SRS?

Modern, Fully Digital Office

Of all the software we have been exposed to, SRS is the one that every employee embraces and says, "Wow, this is fabulous!"

We marvel at the remarkable benefits of having a modern, fully digital office. We suffered so long with paper charts and never realized how life changing it is to go from a system where key information is never immediately accessible to one where everything is available instantly and presented in such a highly organized way.

Every time I need to see a chart, I say to myself how wonderful it is to immediately access the chart through my computer. In the past, I would track down a staff member to locate a chart for me. We would have to pay that employee while they went searching for the chart I requested, and once they found it, they would bring me the chart, only to have to re-file it a few minutes later in a huge room jam-packed with charts. This profound waste of time and money was repeated every time someone needed a chart, which, in our practice, was over a hundred thousand times per year.

Saving $100,000 Per Year

With the implementation of SRS, all of that awful inefficiency has disappeared from our practice. We reduced our medical records staff by 4 FTEs, which saved us almost $100,000 per year. In the past 12 months, we have increased our patient visits by 15% and have not hired more staff to handle this increase. Before going digital, our headcount grew in lockstep with practice growth. Now, with our finely tuned and digital practice, adding more patients is effortless. We don’t have to pack more charts into a room that was busting at the seams, and we no longer need to hire more employees. Our paper charts, which used to hide in the crevasses of our various offices, have nowhere to hide since they have been digitized.

My doctors are grateful that we licked the paper-chart problem and that their productivity was not compromised one bit. In fact, one of our doctors left our practice to take over another practice in the community and the first thing he did was purchase SRS.

Work-Life Balance

SRS improved our quality of life. Before SRS, my partners and I were tied to the office to do our work because that’s where the charts were located. With SRS, we have fast access to charts from anywhere there is an Internet connection. We now routinely leave the office when we want and connect to SRS and its messaging module to work productively from anywhere.

An unforeseen benefit is that we now make fewer late-night trips to the emergency room. When on call, we access patient charts from home, review the entire medical history including meds, allergies, tests, surgeries, and exam notes, and then consult with the ER doctor. Oftentimes, we are saved from a middle-of-the-night trip to the ER.
- Neal Clement, M.D.
Tammy Highfield

Practice Administrator
Florence, AL

8 providers
2 locations
  SRS client since: 2007

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