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The Moore Orthopaedic Clinic


The Moore Orthopaedic Clinic staff consists of 22 providers serving three locations in South Carolina. The clinic’s founder, Austin Moore, M.D., developed the first prosthetic for total joint reconstruction in 1928.

Why SRS?

No Medical Records Team

Since going live in 2006, SRS has had a monumental impact on our practice. The clinic had endured a paper-based chart system for more than 80 years. We maintained 5 overflowing offsite storage units full of charts. Two staff members were dedicated solely to running back and forth between the storage facilities and the practices. Our medical records staff members spent most of their day searching for charts in a myriad of hiding places. Today, we have no medical records team and no employees looking for elusive charts. All of our active charts are digital and readily accessible. During implementation of our SRS solution, our physicians continued to see patients and conduct vital research without missing a beat.

Significant Cost Savings

Our practice workflow is finely tuned and we continue to uncover new ways to enhance efficiency using SRSsoft’s hybrid EMR. Before implementing SRS, we had 7 full-time employees per physician which, with the addition of SRS, has been reduced to 6. With lower staffing levels, we conduct approximately 6,000 more office visits per month compared to the previous year. Overtime has been reduced an average of 70% per year. It still amazes me; this is the best the practice has ever run!

No Time Wasted

SRS is instrumental in our day-to-day operations. All of our care teams are intently focused on supporting their physicians and maximizing patient care and service. No time is wasted! All full-time employees are crossed trained. We have no centralized activities; SRS brings everyone together and acts as our communication hub. Employee morale has increased and so has focus. An employee can now sit and concentrate on the project at hand because he or she does not have the disruption of getting up every few minutes to locate a chart or a piece of paper.

Work-Life Balance

My fellow physicians and I could not be happier. We have recaptured approximately an hour and a half a day. We are still amazed that we can just type in a name and pull up a patient’s complete medical record, and in just 3 clicks fill a prescription.

We underestimated the positive effect SRSsoft would have not only on our practice, but also on our quality of life. We could not be more pleased with SRS. You could not imagine how much frustration, confusion, and disorganization was caused by our paper chart system; all of that has vanished. Our working environment is calmer. We are more organized and efficient; and we are more confident in our decision making because we know that important pieces of paper are not floating around the office or lost in an obscure stack somewhere.

Late-night emergencies are no longer exacerbated by having to run to the office, find a chart, and locate the relevant information within the chart. Now, from home, I can walk over to my computer and immediately pull up the patient’s complete record. The fluid movement of information within the system and the efficiency of my fellow physicians and staff is something to behold.

SRS is easy to use and intuitive to learn. Having heard about the pitfalls of traditional EMR implementations, we were hesitant at first to convert our practice to an all digital one; now we love it and wouldn’t think about going back to paper charts. The combination of efficient staff and improved workflow has resulted in more throughput and higher quality of patient care. SRSsoft has been a win for us.
- Bradley P. Presnal, M.D.

Sean McNally

Chief Executive Officer
Columbia, SC

22 providers
3 locations
  SRS client since: 2006

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