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Mercer Bucks Orthopaedics is a 16 provider group practice with two facilities in New Jersey and one in Pennsylvania. The group has been serving its communities for over 20 years.

Why SRS?

Phenomenal Transformation

Having all digital documents, rather than relying on thick paper charts, has transformed our business operations. SRS allowed us to re-engineer our systems and procedures to take them to a new level. With SRS, we have eliminated duplication of effort, multiple inefficiencies, wasted resources, and the frustrations that arose from chasing paper around three offices.

SRS has a tremendously positive impact on patient care, workflow, and our staff. Quick access to charts enables us to respond more rapidly to patient inquiries. In fact, sometimes the medical assistants even call patients from home by using remote access capabilities—they don’t have to remain in the office to finish tasks that could not be completed during the day.

Workflow efficiencies have been created that make the staff’s work much easier to accomplish. Messages are forwarded with patient charts automatically attached so that we can address calls without having to physically locate the chart. Transcriptions come directly into SRS and are forwarded to physicians’ inboxes, which has greatly simplified the editing function. We have experienced nothing but complete satisfaction in all these aspects.

Practice Growth without Support-Staff Growth

Our 2008 patient volume has increased by an annualized rate of 13%. At the same time, within 8 months of implementing SRS we were able to totally dismantle our medical records department and move 4 FTEs to more productive activities within the practice. More importantly, we will not have to add any medical records staff to support two new physicians when they join the practice.

Our busiest physician, who we thought could not possibly see any more patients, has increased his volume by 10% because he is able to move faster between patients. No longer bogged down by paper, he reviews charts and documents faster, and therefore has the luxury of spending more time providing patient care.

Smooth Sailing

We did our due diligence before selecting SRS and sought validation of our conclusions from colleagues we respected. We reviewed many traditional EMRs, but feared they would create too many bottlenecks in our busy practice. Our goal was to generate efficiencies without introducing structure and procedures that would disrupt our physicians’ successful styles of practice. This is exactly what we have accomplished with SRS.

Implementation was planned carefully, and was executed smoothly. As the first and each successive day passed with smiles and compliments from our staff and physicians, everyone wanted to be next to come on-board.

Entire Team is On-Board

As the Clinical Team Leader, I have my whole team using SRS. The medical assistants, nurses and radiology techs are all enjoying the benefits of immediate access to all the patient information they need. Not only is the software easy to use, but it is also forgiving. It’s hard to make a mistake, but if we do, it is easily correctable with a click of a mouse. Even our least computer-literate physician has embraced the user-friendly technology wholeheartedly.

Since we implemented SRS, I see more patients, but I do it with greater efficiency and in a more organized manner. It is now so easy to call patients and check on their compliance with medical orders. I am completely familiar with their medical situation in a matter of seconds.

An unexpected personal benefit has been that I am now able to work from home the one day each week that I do not see patients. I can accomplish all my "paperwork" and make patient calls without going into the office.

- Holly Kettler, LPN
Clinical Team Leader

Dino Solomos, MBA, CMPE

Executive Director and CEO
Lawrenceville, NJ

16 providers
3 locations
  SRS client since: 2007

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