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Chatham Orthopaedic Associates, P.A.


Chatham Orthopaedic Associates, P.A., has been providing orthopaedic services to the Savannah-area community since the 1950s. The practice has experienced tremendous growth, and now includes 23 providers of orthopaedic care.

Why SRS?

Brought Organization to Our Organization

Our entire practice is more organized, and life is so much easier for everyone. Information is at our fingertips at any time and from anywhere. We can find notes at a moment’s notice. Patient charts are always current and paperwork is consistently up-to-date. As soon as a patient is discharged from the hospital or the emergency room, the paperwork is entered into SRS and is in the chart even before the patient arrives for a follow-up visit. We no longer have to wade through piles of papers stacked up in the physician pods when a patient schedules an appointment. The same kind of access is available throughout the practice. Staff in our satellite offices can find the information they need immediately, regardless of where the patient was seen. The billing office no longer has to search for EOBs because they are scanned into SRS and always available. More than one person can be utilizing a patient’s chart at the same time.

Unparalleled Convenience Saves Time and Money

Our practice has grown 30%–40% over the past two years, but we have eliminated two medical records staff positions. Our staff overtime has been significantly reduced because chart hunting is never required, chart prep time is minimal, and we can handle calls from patients and facilities as they arise instead of at the end of the day. SRS made it easy to accommodate our rapid growth. We would have faced significant workflow challenges without it.

We Can Grow with the SRS Solution

There’s a whole lot more to SRS than paperless charts. We started with the basics, converting from paper to digital, but we see that there are many other features for us to use that will increase our efficiency even further.

Cedric Prange

Practice Administrator
Savannah, GA

23 providers
4 locations
  SRS client since: 2006

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