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For nearly a century, Campbell Clinic has been a leader in orthopaedics. Their 38 surgeons and 85 ancillary providers provide orthopaedic care in four offices located in western Tennessee and northern Mississippi.

Why SRS?

SRS Changes Everything Without Changing Anything

Our goal was to realize the efficiencies of a digital enterprise without disrupting the way our physicians practice medicine. We did not have time to experiment with a solution. We had to be successful on our first attempt.

While the physicians have not changed the way they see patients, SRS has changed the way our office operates—it has made our organization much more efficient. We now have a free flow of instantly accessible patient information throughout our 125,000 square feet of practice space in four medical facilities. As expected, not having to physically pull charts has resulted in reduced staffing requirements. While our patient volume has increased, our medical records staff has decreased by 4.8 FTEs, an efficiency we achieved early and have maintained. It has also improved the speed of communications with our patients. Calls can often be answered on the spot, eliminating the need for call-backs. This, combined with the ability to document care more quickly and effectively, dramatically reduces the stress for our medical assistants.

Over $1,000,000 in Cost Savings

It is impossible to place a value on the intangible benefits associated with SRS, but we have documented significant hard cost savings on an ongoing basis since implementation. Our estimated five-year savings is greater than $1,000,000.

Implementation Was Flawless

The implementation was accomplished without a hitch. Despite all the horror stories we’d heard about EMR adoption, we were confident that SRS had a firm grasp on what needed to be done to drive a successful implementation. With their guidance, we were able to prepare everyone in each of our offices for a smooth transition. The physicians were understandably hesitant at first, so we planned to bring on one or two physicians each week. But it went much faster than we anticipated. Once the physicians witnessed the benefits and saw how truly painless it was to be paperless, no one wanted to be last on board. We were soon adding one or two doctors each day.

A Secure File Cabinet

We are using SRS for back office functions to a much greater extent than we ever expected. Our managers view it as a paperless and secure filing cabinet for EOBs, HR and personnel documents, accounting records, and managed care contracts. Quick access to this information eases the workload for our administrative staff tremendously.

Paige LeMay

Chief Operating Officer
Memphis, TN

38 M.D.s
40 Residents
4 Fellows
23 P.T.s
2 O.T.s
6  P.T.A.s
10 A.T.C.s  
4 locations
  SRS client since: 2004
Case Study
  Healthcare Informatics “Chartless in Memphis”

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