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Blue Ridge Orthopaedic Associates


Blue Ridge Orthopaedic Associates is dedicated to delivering the highest quality healthcare servicing the Senca, South Carolina, communities’ total musculoskeletal needs while remaining economically self-sustaining. Blue Ridge’s comprehensive services are exemplary of its commitment to provide unmatched patient care.

Why SRS?

"As a practice administrator, choosing SRS was an easy decision. My  orthopaedic surgeons wanted to continue to dictate office notes as they had  always done, yet be paperless. The management staff required 100%  support and utilization by the physicians, so SRS was the clear choice. The  SRS staff, from the CEO down, has taken a personal interest in our success  and has always promptly responded to our needs and concerns."

Michael Timmerman

Practice Administrator
Seneca, SC

17 providers
2 locations
  SRS client since: 2005
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