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Athens Orthopedic Clinic has provided high-quality orthopaedic care to the Athens, Georgia, community and surrounding area since 1966. Its 23 providers and 3 locations offer a wide range of orthopaedic services to children and adults.

Why SRS?

SRS works wonderfully, brings efficiency to our workflow, and paid for itself within the first year.

Unanticipated Benefits

SRS promised efficiency, and we thought we understood what that meant. I can now say unequivocally that you don’t realize how inefficient the paper-chart world is until you are out of it. From all levels of the administrative staff through the most experienced physician, everyone in the office is functioning so much more efficiently than before SRS.

SRS allows us to work better. Everyone is doing productive work. The menial task of locating charts is gone. There is no searching and running all over the office. Everything is at our fingertips and people are less stressed.

Since we adopted SRS, our practice has grown. We have added 4 physicians as well as 6-7 physician assistants. Instead of adding 2-3 more medical records staff to keep up with the doubling of patient volume, we were actually able to transfer two medical records staff to other jobs. We have also expanded our services to include MRI, physical therapy, a surgicenter, and an occupational health division, some of which are housed in separate facilities. Our SRS charts are immediately accessible in all these locations, and to multiple users at the same time if necessary. I shudder to think of having to search for a paper chart now, when it could be “hiding” in so many more places.

$800,000 in Cost Savings

SRS-driven efficiencies will generate bottom-line savings of $800,000 by the end of the first 5 years. In addition to reducing medical records staff, we eliminated overtime hours and chart supplies, and we no longer devote expensive real estate to housing charts.

Enhanced Patient Service

Our patient service is at its highest level ever. Our nurses can handle calls immediately, without waiting for the chart. Years ago, they had to wait for someone to locate the chart before they could call a patient back. Our patients are very pleased with the service, and it saves our staff time as well.

When our physicians see patients, they are confident that all the documents they need will be in the chart and easy to locate. Patients feel more confident as well. Not only does SRS automate the process of getting papers into the chart, but once in the chart, the documents never have to be removed in order to be used for any purpose. Our physicians used to complain that they couldn’t find what they needed in the chart. We never hear those complaints any more.

Simplicity Was Key

SRS was easy to learn. The implementation was much easier than the installation of our practice management system and the training was completed in 30 minutes per staff member and doctor.

Kayo Elliot

Chief Executive Officer
Athens, GA

23 providers
3 locations
  SRS client since: 2003
Case Study
  Group Practice Journal “Going Digital with Ease at Athens Orthopedic Clinic”
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