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Located in New Hampshire, Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics is a 10 provider practice with 4 locations, 2 MRI centers, an ambulatory surgery center and an array of ancillary service departments.

Why SRS?

Of all technology investments that I have been involved in over the past 18 years, SRS has had the greatest positive impact on the physicians, staff, and the overall operations of the practice.

Our office is completely digital with SRS, which means that information flows freely around the practice so it runs smoothly. When we had paper charts, our patient volume exceeded our provider and staff capacity. Now, with SRS, we tightened our workflow and we shaved valuable time from processes that are repeated hundreds of thousands of times per year—so much so that our practice has grown over 30% in the past three years, and we have not added any support staff. For our 10-provider, four-office group practice, which includes two MRI centers, an ambulatory surgery center, ancillary service departments, and over 100 employees, the efficiency savings are tremendous.

Most importantly, instantaneous access to up-to-date patient charts has had a positive impact on our patients, and they are more satisfied with the level of service they receive. We respond faster to patients and have all their vital information at our fingertips. Our support staff is organized and proactive, following up with patients and making sure that we exceed their expectation of service, care, and compassion.

SRS has even provided us with benefits that we did not originally anticipate. Since the system is so easy to use and patient information is always available, our billers quickly perform chart audits as part of their normal regimen. Our billers have put a stop to lost billing opportunities such as injections, x-rays, and DME products, which used to fall through the cracks.

With SRS doing such a great job managing the office workflow, I have had more time to focus on managing and growing our practice’s revenue-generating ancillary services.

There is no other product in the industry that addresses physician and staff needs like SRS; it is the ideal solution for us. It offered us a system of checks and balances and compelling value from the onset. We originally thought that SRS would be a bridge to a traditional, point-and-click EMR, but the ease-of-use and upgrades made to the system have gone far beyond the functionality we need today, and even tomorrow.

My doctors couldn’t be more pleased with my decision to bring SRS into the practice, and they couldn’t imagine life without it. I strongly recommend SRS as vital technology for a busy medical practice.

Work-Life Balance

SRS is flexible. Each physician has his or her own way of practicing, and SRS has conformed to them all—the system works for us, we don’t work for the system. Even our non-tech-savvy physicians have enthusiastically embraced the system.

SRS has had a powerful, positive impact on our daily routines. The software has become indispensable to us. Having a hyper-organized and efficient office allows us to spend less time in the office bogged down with paperwork and more free time with our families and hobbies. We are thoroughly pleased with SRS and would recommend the software to any medical practice.

Pamela Bronson

Practice Administrator
Exeter, NH

10 providers
4 locations
  SRS client since: 2005

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